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Victorian Period
Doulton Water Purification System in response to Cholera epidemic.

Frank A. Butler Decorated Vase Mounted on Wood Base by Frank A. Butler - 1882

Gorges (large jugs): c.1860's Right: CSA Motto Jugs - c.1890 "He that buys land, buys stones He that buys flesh, buys bones He that buys egg, buys many shells He that buys good ale, buys nothing else" Doulton Lambeth Ice Bucket with Sterling rim Doulton lambeth Liquor Flagon Salt glaze Puzzle Jug (with fractures) "From mother earth I claim my birth, I'm made a joke for man But now I'm here filled with good cheer, Come taste me if you can"

Burslem Ware

Bone china vase painted with Peonies By Edward Raby. This monumental piece was made for the World Columbian Exposition, Chicago, 1893 - 48 in. high