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The Doulton Group John Doulton 1793-1873
Royal Doulton has been producing porcelain ceramics and tableware for approximately 
200 years. 

John Doulton learned the trade of pottery making at the tender age of twenty two while 
working at the Fulham Manufacturing Co, well known as the first English commerical 
pottery, producing stoneware. Fulham was founded in 1688 and later assumed the name 
of Jones, Watts and Doulton. Sometime after the firms name changed to Doulton and 
made a variety of decorative products for the affluent buyer.

From a meager beginning John Doulton amassed one of the  largest pottery and porcelain 
factories the world has ever known. In the year 1815. John Doulton, at the tender age of 22,
invested his lifetime savings of £100  in a small pottery. His previous experience in other 
potteries gave him the knowledge necessary to attempt such an adventure.

The year was 1815 and the company founder, John Doulton, began producing practical 
and decorative stoneware from a small potery in Lambeth, South of London. With much 
effort in manufacturing utility items such as sewer pipe and the like, he went into 
partnership with Johnand Martha Watts. The firm took on the name of Doulton & Watts 
and become a well known firm in the area. As time passed, Doulton's son Henry joined the 
firm as an apprentice.

Henry built up the business and relocated it 60 years later to Stoke-on-Trent.
England: The epidemics of 1832 and 1864 saw the death of thousands of people. Dr. John
Snow discovered the relationship of Cholera and the Broad Street pump. Doulton
contributed greatly with the production of sewer pipe to improve the quality of the water 
supply. The above pictures are examples of samples of sewer pipe created and sold by 
From 1858 until his death, John Doulton directed Doulton and Co. Pottery in Lambeth, 
England. John Doulton began experimenting with a more decorative pottery line. Many
glazes and decorative effects were developed including faience, impasto, silicon, carrara, 
marqueterie, chine, and rouge flambe. The factory operated in Lambeth until 1956. In the
late 19th century at the original Lambeth location, fine artwares were decorated by artists 
including Hannah Barlow and George Tinsworth.
Doulton Niles St. Pottery

Doulton Pottery Kilns

Doulton Workers
1815: Doulton - Watts Early Products: Salt Glazed Items

Lord Horatio Viscount Nelson
Decorated Salt-glaze Stoneware: Spirit - Whisky Flasks
Doulton Lambeth: Relief Figured Hunting Beaker & Creamer
  School or Shop Inks

Works of Hannah Barlow
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